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The profound History of Leather

Nothing quite beats a trendy, chic, leather jacket or super, sexy, tight fit leather skirts, but where did it all originate from? Let’s take a look & journey through the history of leather clothing, its first uses & how & where it all be

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​The History of Steampunk

Steampunk has its roots firmly in the 19th Century Industrial Revolution, combined with the impact Science Fiction writing had on this era. The rise of new machinery powered by steam, clockwork and of course, the advent of electricity, blend heavi

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The Tempered History of BDSM

The Marquis De ’Sade is synonymous with the history of BDSM based on his erotic writing in the 17th Century. His desire to explore and encourage sexual freedom, of all kinds, bought people’s secret desires and fetishes into the public forum. Today

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The Wonderful History of Corsets

The first corset is said to have been designed for Katherine De Medici in Italy, in the 1500s and since then, the corset has been entwined with an ever-changing role in fashion and influence. Created using a variety of materials from lace and whal

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The History of The Skirt

At Leatherotics we specialise in top quality leather and suede skirts, but the skirt itself has a varied and often mystical past of its own. They’ve been worn by men, women and religious faiths and leaders throughout the ages. The skirts origins s

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