Leather BUNNY lockable mask hood

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Leather feels good

Posted by undefined

The leather feels good, but it can barely get on your head if its around 24" or more. Mine came with some black scuff marks inside the hood, im a little disappointed with that, not sure if this was because of how it was made or the handling in transport. Shipping time was around 7 days, no complaints there.

a tight fit

Posted by john

It's a tight fit, It's very well made and the quality of the design is good. No obvious mouth hole for breathing. But overall I Like this very much. Came on time also.


Posted by Shalimar

Beautifully crafted, soft, tight and lockable...everything I wanted! Today, my A__H___ boyfriend became my "Honey Bunny!"

Forest fantasies come to life with this full leather bondage hood. This lockable bunny hood is perfect for fetish party wear and features small holes in the leather eye patches so your submissive can see.

This red and white leather sensory deprivation hood has a collar and D-link for leash or chain attachment.

Lace tie back and 10" zip inside. 

Sizing :
Measure the widest part around your head right above your ears and eyebrows. 

Fits 20" to 22".

Fits 22" to 24". .

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