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Overbust Leather Corsets

If you want to achieve an hourglass figure, nothing will make you feel more confident than wearing a super-hot and sexy leather corset. Our leather overbust corsets are steel boned, with cotton lining and fitted with suspender loops for extra detail. We use traditional Victorian methods to create our leather corsets with features such as crafted back lacing, steel and spiral bone designs and they can also include modesty panels if desired. No matter your size or the length of your torso we can custom make your dream corset from our online leather corset shop.Tight-fitting leather overbust corsets are also ideal... for weight training, cross-dressing and making a personal fashion statement. Created from full grain leather we offerPlease find new range our overbust leather corsets below, we offer regular sizes as well as custom made options in our online shop for all our designs to cater plus sizes as well as for girls with shorter or longer torso.All our corsets are steel boned, with cotton lining and fitted with suspender's loops , there are made according to traditional Victorian styles with back lacing and most of the corsets are fitted with the modesty panels.Enjoy deep discounted prices by ordering with us without compromising the quality.